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April 20th, 2017

Review: Duly Noted by H.M. Shander

PTSD sucks.
Just ask Aurora.
She’s dealt with it for the past two years. Effing car crash.

Resigned to live a mediocre life, she’s coped all on her own with only her friends Percocet and Xanax along for the ride. Broken and damaged, she doesn’t need anyone, thank you very much. Until she meets him.

Shy but smoking hot, Nate Johnson has a mouth as smart as hers, and can handle every ounce of sass she dishes out. Immediately, he’s hooked by Aurora’s sarcastic wit. A man on a mission, he wants to help her over her fear of cars. He needs to, if he’s ever going to have her as part of his world – a passion he’s kept hidden from her. As he succeeds with the impossible goal, he finds he’s curing more than just her PTSD, he’s healing her heart.

But when the unthinkable happens, it drives Aurora away.
From him.
From them.
From the best thing to ever happen to her.
Because sometimes love just isn’t enough.

However, Nate wants her back and he’s willing to give up everything he loves for her. Aurora refuses to have him sacrifice his passion because of her, and dreams up a risky plan to stop him. It’s dangerous. It’s foolish. And if it doesn’t kill her first, it could just save them both.

Initial Cover Thoughts:
The cover was cute and appealing to the love story reader. It made me think the novel would be cutesy and lovey dovey.

Read and Reviewed:
Aurora has PTSD from a car crash and it consumes her life. She can’t go anywhere unless it’s in walking distance. She works at a library near her house and there she meets Nate who is working construction at the library. Once he discovers her PTSD to cars he comes up with his own “baby steps” method of trying to help her overcome her trauma. Does it work? You’ll have to read to find out.

The book was okay read. The synopsis of this book is what attracted me to this book. It didn’t exactly scream “best love story ever” but the overcoming her PTSD together sounded different. I think my expectations for a new kind of love story was a bit high. I went into the story rooting for Aurora and Nate. The problem was that I just didn’t really like Aurora. She was very much about herself and it turned me off the character. She constantly only thinks of herself throughout the book. Nate was persistent in helping her overcome her PTSD, sometimes more than he should have been. The story moves quickly which leaves little room for those breath-taking lovey dovey scenes. It’s almost like the love story borders on semi-instalove because of how fast they became a couple.

The book did have some good points. I did like the character of Nate and his family. The PTSD angle was different and interesting but I feel like it could have been better if the story around it had more depth and conflict. I don’t want to spoil on this so I will leave it at that.

Also the synopsis mentions how they have these smart mouths. I love witty banter and humor. There were maybe a handful of remarks that would be categorized as witty but there was nowhere near enough to categorize the book as such.

Quote Me:

“A different kind of love story..”
– Girl Jay, Love Story Reads (Blog Review)

A Taste:
“They had taken a damaged bird and helped bring her back to life.”

Ten Keywords To Describe This Book:
PTSD, Cars, Trauma, Frustration, Drugs, Conflicted, Motivational, DIY, Secrets, Cheater

Book Boyfriend Rating:
6.8/10 – Sometimes he was too pushy although his intentions were good.

Wishful Thinking:
I wish there would have been more conflict in the story. Most of it was about her PTSD with cars and the ending was rather rushed. I would have liked to see more romantic scenes and really see Nate and Aurora’s relationship grow on a romantic level. I felt like they were just friends with crushes on one another for most of the book.

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3 Heart Rating (for me personally it was more like a 2.8 but I’ll round up.)

Feel free to quote me or any portion of my review to help promote this book. Thank you for writing this piece of work and allowing me to live in your world amongst your characters for a little bit.

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