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A little more about me..

I heart love stories. I read them often. I feel like there’s no better story than a great love story. Great love stories to me don’t need a happily ever after. I love a story that is full of dialogue, witty banter, plot twists, humor, and L-O-V-E. I want to swoon with the girls in the books over Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong-But-Feels-So-Right. I want to be captivated by the story and if by the end of the book I’m wanting more or am constantly thinking about it for days after, I know it was good.

So if you’re like me and love a good love story, check out my reviews and let me help you find your next love story or hey, make a book recommendation for me. You can never have too many love story’s to read.

– Girl Jay

HEA – Happily Ever After
YA – Young Adult (13-18)
NA – New Adult (18-30)
TBC – To Be Continued
POV – Point Of View
ARC – Advanced Reading/Review Copy (usually provided by author or publisher)
BB – Book Boyfriend
BBW – Big Beautiful Woman
DNF – Did Not Finish
M/M – Male/Male
F/F – Female/Female
LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

- I LOVED IT! I marked it as a favorite and will eventually reread it. I highly recommend this book!

- I felt this book was really good. I wouldn't call it a favorite but I would highly recommended.

- This book was a good read. I would recommend it.

- I felt this book was OK. Would suggest it casually if asked.

- I did not like this book and wouldn't recommend it to others.